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Complete Financial Restructuring Program (CFRP)

Fee: $2,000+

CFRP is a fee-based financial planning service designed to help you minimize risks, costs and taxes in contingencies, and maximize your potential to realize your life goals. You’ll visit our office at least 5 times over a 2 – 4 month period. Each session is like a private seminar, where you’ll be educated and informed of relevant and essential knowledge in your planning area. Cost to set up Estate Planning documents (e.g. Trust, Will) with an attorney is separate. We work with the attorneys, CPAs or insurance agents of your choice throughout the process.

[1st Step: Initial Meeting]
We determine what you would like to accomplish and together define the scope and fees for your financial planning needs. We also want to be certain we are a good fit for each other, and that we’ll build a trusting, constructive relationship together.

[2nd Step: Estate Planning]
We create a list of all your assets and debts, and determine how each is titled. Then, we design a strategy that seeks to minimize the risks, costs and taxes associated with contingencies (death, incapacity). We work with attorneys to set up documents to prepare for these contingencies.

[3rd Step: Insurance Planning]
Insurance is an essential part of your financial security and well-being. We calculate how much your family would need to sustain their lifestyle, if something were to happen to you. We also look at your protection in the case of disability, or the need for long-term care.

[4th Step: Retirement Planning]
First, we look at your Social Security benefits, and create a strategy aimed at maximizing the total benefits for you and your spouse. Then, we create a distribution strategy for your IRA, 401(k), or DB Plan to maximize monthly cash flow, while minimizing tax burdens.

[5th Step: Planning for Education and Other Goals]
We check your childrens’ eligibility for financial aid from the schools of your choice. Then, we calculate how much you may need to accumulate or borrow to pay for college costs for all of your children. We also plan for your other life goals.

[Final Step: Plan Integration]
We look at all aspects of your planning and bring everything together, creating a comprehensive action plan that is independent from product offerings. You can use our wealth management service to implement the plan, or choose to do it on your own.

We love working with clients who are open, honest, and serious about protecting their family and realizing their dreams. Because we take each case seriously and spend extensive time with each individual family, we work with only 3 CFRP cases at the same time. Please contact us to see if we have availability for you.