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How we do business

We encourage you to learn

Our client meetings are education-oriented. We are committed to keeping you educated and up to date regarding the financial topics important to you.

We take time

We do not rush our clients into decisions. We believe that it is important to take as much time as necessary for every aspect of your financial planning needs.

We work with the professionals of your choice

We work alongside your accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents, cooperating to create a comprehensive plan just for you.

We plan for worst case scenarios

"If anything happened to you," "If the market crashed", "if interest rates skyrocketed" We know that anything is possible, and make sure we plan ahead, just in case.

We are independent

Because we are independent, and not under influence of any particular financial institution, we are able to tailor the right solutions, just for you.

We charge for planning

We charge a fee of $2,000 or more for the planning itself. We believe that it takes time and hard work to create a comprehensive financial strategy.