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Wealth Management

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Minimum: $500,000 if you have a specific, clear objective already determined for the money. $200,000 if you have already gone through our Complete Financial Restructuring Program. Minimum is applied per household, which usually includes parents and children.

When the CFRP process is complete, we’ll know all the actions you need to take to realize your life goals. *A globally diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and alternative investments is often used to manage clients’ wealth. The allocation is determined by your risk profile (time frame, % of total assets, and risk tolerance). We also utilize insurance products (life, long-term care, disability, annuity) if you need certain protections.

At this point in the process, we have already figured out when, and how much you will need to have accumulated for each of your life goals. We will propose a mix of the financial products that will maximize your potential in achieving your goals, while minimizing risks.

Once you start investing in your goals, we will periodically review your asset portfolio, making any adjustments necessary for changes in your family situation. We are life-long partners, committed to making your dreams come true, and we are excited to start you on your journey.

*Asset Allocation and Diversification does not guarantee profit nor is it guaranteed to protect assets